19 June 2017



Decided to make a page like this for important announcement and the likes also for the progress:

Yukkuri Forecast:
I AM WAY BEHIND SCHEDULE! Working like a madman now!

sometime before ??:00:00 (UTC)

is defunct, since I forgot the email and password for it, plus I lost the backup because my Chrome crashed and I kinda forget where I put the .txt file for it…
(SORRY>_<, I now back all things on gdrive)
the new patreon page is:
Since this Yukkuri kinda too lazy thinking new name

Currently translating:
Kuro no Iyashite Chapter 3 First-Half : Finished
Takarakuji 78 : Finished
In schedule of translating (in order):  

1.    HikiNEET 7 prologue
2.    HikiNEET 7-1
3.    Takarakuji 79
4.    HikiNEET 7-2

5.    HikiNEET 7-3

6.    Mira LN2 Ch4

7.    Takarakuji 80
8.    HikiNEET 7-4
9.    HikiNEET 7-5

I will translate Tensei-Cheat LN2 Chapter 4 (new chara appear!) after Takarakuji 79.

My fiction progress:
Chapter 2-18: postponed until translation queue finished. I will write sidestories instead. 
Thinking of doing a complete rewrite from Prologue (correcting my awful and bad grammars, not changing the plot) in June don't know when.

Will someone do a collaboration of Himekishi and RV?

Q and A
Q: Why are you are so slow in translating? When are new chapters?
A: Well, I am not a quick translator... I can only say this. I don't know how people could translate that fast while I am rather struggling to do 3000 words in 6 hours.

Q: Will you stop translating?
A: Nope. I will keep translating. I might be slow but I won't left you readers with unfinished series. It might take years though... Hahahaha *weak laugh*.

Q: Our New World when?
A: Well, I am a slow writer, which keep revising my story after I type it. Although, I had already planned much of the plot and writing it is not that hard, typing it is rather time consuming. I type few paragraphs in a day though, so sooner or later it will be complete, perhaps. 

Q: If I give you money, will you translate/write faster?
A: Sadly, no. Even though I am not working anymore, I don't think I am professional enough to be paid. I mean I have medical degree not language/literature degree. Hence, why I personally don't think myself as a full-time translator/writer. Your donation will gone for internet bills and buying LNs, though.

Q: When chapter could be released fast?
A: I am a NEET, I will release a chapter as fast as my Editor had done a cursory read, since people protest me for my strange un-English Asian-typical non-Native Grammar and sentence construction.

09 June 2017

Undeath and Taxes Prologue Chapter 4

Ian McDaniels
The guy who bolds the title text:
Yukkuri Oniisan

Undeath and Taxes
Prologue Chapter 4: Peering Beyond Heaven into Hell

Undeath and Taxes Prologue Chapter 3

Ian McDaniels
The guy who just put an indent on new paragraphs:
Yukkuri Oniisan

Undeath and Taxes
Prologue Chapter 3: Of Gods and Death

01 June 2017

Undeath and Taxes Prologue Chapter 2

Ian McDaniels

Undeath and Taxes
Prologue Chapter 2: From the Highest of Heights

Undeath and Taxes Prologue Chapter 1

Someone asked me whether or not he can publish his story on my site. I guess why not?

Ian McDaniels

Undeath and Taxes
Prologue Chapter 1: Last Days of Mundus