27 July 2017

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 2 - Chapter 4

Translator Corner
Minasan oideyasu. This is Yukkuri demasu!

Chapter 4.
Well… This is a reverse lolicon?
Also I like Hero-sama than Sir Hero. Perhaps since I’m not native English speaker.

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that my translation is 100% correct. Please correct me if I was wrong.

Natsuki Aoi 奈月葵
Yukkuri Oniisan
Editor all your power combined:
UnGrave, Xtudiux, 1stTribulation,

Volume 2
Chapter 4

The carriage that kidnapped Mira and Filseria dashed through the Noble District as Gai was chasing after it.

26 July 2017



Decided to make a page like this for important announcement and the likes also for the progress:

Yukkuri Forecast:
Busy working to cover a colleague schedule.

Tenseisha wa Cheat wo Nozomanai LN Volume 2 Chapter 4
Takarakuji Chapter 80
2017-07-26? (maybe)
sometime before 21:00:00 (UTC)
When I finished editing the grammar okay?

is defunct, since I forgot the email and password for it, plus I lost the backup because my Chrome crashed and I kinda forget where I put the .txt file for it…
(SORRY>_<, I now back all things on gdrive)
the new patreon page is:
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Currently translating:
Mira LN2 Chapter 4: Finished
Takarakuji 80 : Finished
Working for Hikineet, then the Realist Kingdom
In schedule of translating (in order):  
1.    HikiNEET 7-4
2.    HikiNEET 7-5
3.    Genjitsu Arc 4 Chapter 1 and 2

My fiction progress:
Chie's Sidestory: finished.
Chapter 2 Part 19: not written yet
Florea's Sidestory is finished, but will be postponed since I realized it happened in Chapter 2, not Chapter 1, so it was actually Bridge 2-3, not 1-2.
Will someone do a collaboration of Himekishi and RV?

Q and A
Q: Why are you are so slow in translating? When are new chapters?
A: Well, I am not a quick translator... I can only say this. I don't know how people could translate that fast while I am rather struggling to do 3000 words in 6 hours. Also, RL Work is annoying, I work as a Doctor with no fixed schedule after all. There is a reason why this is called Free Time Literature Service, not Full Time Literature Service. Also, I am not a CN translator that can produce multiple chapter in a day... They are monsters. I am just a humble human being.

Q: Will you stop translating?
A: Nope. I will keep translating. I might be slow but I won't left you readers with unfinished series. I will never drop a project unless I state it. I mean, this is my hobby, after all...

Q: Our New World when?
A: Well, I am a slow writer. Translation backlog and RL work prevented me from doing writing too much. But when the muse hit me, I can easily produce a 10.000 words monstrosity... I also won't abandon this story. Planning to  write the rest of Chapter 2 by July, so I can move to Chapter 3 in August (I want Prisistka and Ranstia hijinx to appear in the story).

Q: If I give you money, will you translate/write faster?
A: Sadly, no. Even though I am not working anymore, I don't think I am professional enough to be paid. I mean I have medical degree not language/literature degree. Hence, why I personally don't think myself as a full-time translator/writer. Your donation will gone for internet bills and buying LNs, though.

Q: When chapter could be released fast?
A: I am a working again, so I can't invest much time in translation. Even so, I will release a chapter as fast as my Editor had done a cursory read, since people protest me for my strange un-English Asian-typical non-Native Grammar and sentence construction.

Q: Where do you go Oniisan??
A: Not going anywhere... Geezz people, if you got question just go to NovelUpdates Forum and tag @Yukkuri Oniisan there... Here's my profile http://forum.novelupdates.com/members/yukkuri-oniisan.1965/

Our New World - Chapter 2 Part 18

If you spot weird words used by Maya and Sefi. It was because they were using local Soiporan idioms not localized at all into English.
Infodump the chapter, hence Anagnorisis.
Also, the narration jumped between several people.
Also, if you find something that seems strange please tell me.
Lastly, I late to posting this due to me addicted into reading webnovel RAWs...

Yukkuri Oniisan

A bit of warning from the author: WARNING! HORRIBLE GRAMMAR IMMINENT!

Chapter 3: The Heaven Lords in the New World
Part 18: Anagnorisis

03 July 2017

Isekai de "Kuro no Iyashite" tte Yobareteimasu - Volume 1 - Chapter 3 First Half

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

Sorry for being late…
Chapter 3 is really long…… Decided to split in part 1 and 2, so I won’t neglect my other project.

Changing Void attribute to Null attribute, since I read too much about Null number theory.
Also, I usually don’t translate imouto. So bear with me.

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that my translation is 100% correct. Please correct me if I was wrong.

Fujima Miya ふじま 美耶
Yukkuri Oniisan
Editor, Proofreader:

Volume 1
Chapter 3 Coltea
First Half

30 June 2017

The Bad, The Evil and The Worse. Arc 1 - Chapter 1

Ian McDaniels
The guy who drink coffee while chomping biscuit:
Yukkuri Oniisan

The Bad, The Evil and The Worse
Arc 1 The Beginnings of Evil
Chapter 1 An Unnecessary Tutorial and A New Friend

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